Do I really need to clean up my yard, won’t dog poop just fertilize my lawn?

Other than being unsightly and odorous, dog waste should not be left in your yard to decompose. Dog poop can pose health hazards to humans and to pets as it can encourage growth of harmful microorganisms and spread disease. If people or pets accidentally step in the poop, it can be easily transferred into your home.

Moreover, dog poop does not make a good fertilizer for your grass. Unlike manure you may purchase from the store to feed your garden, dog poop does not come from grazing animals nor is it sanitized properly to be a safe and effective fertilizer. In fact, dog poop that is not removed can contaminate local water supplies, according to the EPA.

Can I compost dog poop?

Composting is a method by which organic material (including vegetation, kitchen scraps, and in some cases animal waste) is decomposed to create fertilizer. The EPA states that dog poop should not be used in compost, as microorganisms found in the waste of carnivorous animals can cause harm to humans if used to fertilize crops.

What is the best way to dispose of dog waste?

The easiest way is to schedule a poop scooping service! But even if you choose to scoop your yard yourself, dispose of the waste the same way we do, which is recommended by the EPA and most local governments. It is safe to dispose of dog waste in your regular garbage. We use a method by which we scoop the poop into a sturdy, opaque trash bag, which is then tied tightly, and double bagged into another clean bag. We always use both disposable gloves and shoe covers which are disposed of after each yard scooping visit. We sanitize all equipment after each and every use.

What if my dog is home and out in the yard?

As long as your dog is friendly to strangers, that’s fine! Because we are a part of a pet sitting company, we are happy to see them and take extreme care not to let them out of a fenced yard. If your dog is not friendly to strangers or has a history of aggression, we ask that he be kept inside for the duration of our short visits. Please let us know and we will work with you to plan scooping times that work for your dog.

Do you work year-round? What about holidays?

Yes, we scoop the poop all year. We do not scoop on major holidays, but your service will be completed on another day of the week. Unfortunately, inclement weather can make it impossible to scoop your yard on a scheduled day, however we will catch up with all the poop either within a few days, or at your next scheduled visit. You will still be charged for the first missed week since we will have twice the poop to scoop, but if we are forced to miss more than one visit, you will not be charged for more missed pick-ups.

Do I have to sign a contract? How do I pay?

No contract is necessary, our services are month-to-month. Our first time service is charged based on the time spent cleaning the yard, since there is no way to predict how much waste may be accumulated. Poop scoop clients upload their credit or debit card information into our secure client portal and services are charged automatically.